• P-Index (promotion of RBM rights)
  • E-Index (equal treatment of RBMs)
  • G-Index (gap between majority and minorities)
  • The Atlas project

    The Atlas is a project that aims to map and measure the rights of religious or belief minorities (RBMs) in the EU countries. Mapping will illuminate what rights RBMs have in each country, and measuring is essential for developing evidence-based policy making. To this end, the Atlas makes use of three indices that measure the promotion of RBM rights (P-index), equal treatment (E-index) and the distance between religious majority and minorities (G-index). The indices have been constructed on the basis of the answers given by the national legal experts in response to four questionnaires; their answers have been evaluated using a methodology built with respect to the international standards concerning RBM rights. The Atlas currently covers 12 countries and 13 RBMs. What is presented here is the Episode 1 of the Atlas, focused on examining and measuring legal systems; Episode 2, which will supplement this data with a sociological analysis, will follow shortly.

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