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Research and teaching centers

     Minority Rights Group International

Minority Rights Group International campaigns worldwide with around 150 partners in over 50 countries to ensure that disadvantaged minorities and indigenous peoples, often the poorest of the poor, can make their voices heard. More at https://minorityrights.org


    ECMI, European Center for Minority Issues

ECMI sees human diversity as a European heritage and cultural pluralism as a great asset. Aiming to facilitate respect for diversity in all aspects of society, ECMI is committed to work for the improvement of the situation of Europe’s minorities through heightened awareness of minority rights and minority issues among all relevant actors. More at https://www.ecmi.de


   EURAC, Institute for Minority Rights

Cohesion, equal participation and minority protection are among the central challenges of a diverse society. Our interdisciplinary and international team recognizes the diversity of South Tyrolean society – its autonomy and system of minority rights - as foundation for research and point of reference to advise on minorities worldwide. More at https://www.eurac.edu


   EUREL, EUrope - RELigion

EUREL  est un site d’information réalisé par un groupe d’experts regroupés dans un réseau scientifique. Le site d’information EUREL fournit gratuitement des données vérifiées vérifiées et actualisées sur l’état sociologique et juridique de la religion en Europe, dans une perspective interdisciplinaire. More at https://www.eurel.info


  Observatorio del pluralismo religioso en España

El Observatorio del pluralismo religioso en España aporta datos y diagnósticos sobre la diversidad de creencias y las necesidades vinculadas al ejercicio efectivo de la libertad religiosa para contribuir a la mejora de la gestión pública. More at https://www.observatorioreligion.es


   Master of Arts Religious Minorities

The Religious Minorities master’s at the University of Bergen is an experience-based master program dedicated to exploring religious minorities in their religious, socio-political and cultural surroundings across time and space. The program aims to give its attending students an in-depth understanding of the  significance of religious minorities issues in contemporary cultural and political contexts. More at: https://www.uib.no

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