Religious Minorities in the Euro-mediterranean Space (ReMinEm)



The ReMinEm project compares different models of protecting and promoting religious minorities. Minority rights are guaranteed by international standards that apply everywhere but are interpreted and implemented differently depending on the political, cultural and religious traditions prevailing in each region of the world. This project aims to assess whether these different ways of interpreting and implementing international standards effectively ensure the promotion of the identities of religious minorities, their participation in public life, and protection against discrimination. The project examines two Middle Eastern countries (Egypt and Lebanon) and four European countries (Denmark, Greece, Italy, Portugal). Responses to two questionnaires, addressed to legal experts and representatives of religious minorities, provide the legal and sociological data upon which the analysis in the final report is based. The observations and proposals advanced in the key findings identify several policy lines that can help create a Euro-mediterranean space in which the rights of religious minorities are protected and promoted.