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«FBK projects on the rights of minorities of religion and belief» (Atlas, ReMinEm), 11/11/2022

Is it possible to measure the rights of religious minorities? Where does Italy stand on the scale of measuring these rights? Are the rights of religious minorities better promoted in a system of uniform law, as is the case in Europe, or in a regime of religiously based personal rights, as is the case in some Middle Eastern countries? These (and other) questions were discussed at the conference, where the results of two research projects were presented. The first, entitled  Atlas of the Religious or Belief Minority Rights in the European Union Countries, consists of the creation of a tool to map, and measure minority rights. The second, entitled Models of Inclusion of Religious Minorities in the Euro-Mediterranean Area (ReMinEm), compares the rights of religious minorities in some European countries and in two Middle Eastern countries, Egypt and Lebanon (


«Article 18's Legacy: Promoting universality and indivisibility», 24/07/2023 

The first episode of the webinar series titled «Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 75: Advancing Freedom of Religion or Belief» commenced with the host, Francesco Di Lillo, welcoming the participants and introducing the panelists: Paulo Macedo, Secretary General of the International Association for the Defense of Religious Liberty; Dr. Ibrahim Salama, Chief of the Human Rights Treaties Branch at the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights; and Professor Silvio Ferrari, Emeritus Professor of Law and Religion.


«Minorities and Autonomies», 28/09/2023

The workshop aimed to focus on the relationship between these two components, examining it with reference to the different types of minorities and autonomies. Indeed, not all minorities are equal: there are national, linguistic, religious (and many other) minorities, each with its own characteristics. Similarly, the notion of autonomy includes territorial, normative, jurisdictional and institutional autonomies (to name but a few), which also differ in content and function.



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«Religious freedom in Europe and the Mediterranean at the Centre of a Foreign Ministry report», 18/10/2023





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