National legal experts and RM representatives

Vanja-Ivan Savić
Professor, Catholic University of Croatia

Lisbet B. Christoffersen
Professor, Roskilde University

Niels Valdemar Vinding
Associate Professor, Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen

Ishak Ibrahim
Researcher, advocate and campaigner specialized in issues related to Freedom of Religion and Belief and religious minorities at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR)

Anne Fornerod
Chargé de recherche, CNRS/University of Strasbourg

Effie Fokas
Senior Research Fellow at the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), London School of Economics Hellenic Observatory

Silvio Ferrari
Fondazione Bruno Kessler and University of Milan

Joe Hammoura
Researcher on Middle Eastern Affairs, Human Rights activist, and consultant on Human Rights and Minorities

Jónatas Machado
Director of the Faculty of Law, University of Coimbra

Republic of Cyprus
Achilles Emilianides
Professor, University of Nicosia

Esra Unal
Visiting lecturer, Kadir Has University, Istanbul



Data on the effective implementation of the rights of RMs and on their perception of discrimination have been collected through a questionnaire administered to official contacts of some RMs in each of the countries covered by the research. Among the RMs contacted, the following agreed to answer the questionnaire: 

Algeria: Catholic Church, Evangelical Churches

Croatia: Evangelical Churches, Mainline Protestant Churches, Muslim communities

Denmark: Islamic Cultural Center, Jehovah’s Witnesses

Egypt: Bahai community, Ahmadi community, Shia community, Coptic Orthodox Church

France: Evangelical Churches, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mainline Protestant Churches

Greece: Equal Society/Muslim Association of Greece, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roman Catholic Church, Jewish Orthodox community, Mainline Protestants

Italy: Evangelical Waldensian Church, Islamic Community (COREIS), Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI), Jehovah’s Witnesses

Lebanon: Catholic and Orthodox Syriac Churches, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Ahmadi Community,  high ranking Sheikhs from the Alawite Community.

Portugal: Jewish Community of Porto, Jehovah's Witnesses, Presbyterian Church of Portugal (IEPP), Romanian Orthodox Church

Republic of Cyprus: Catholic Church, Jewish communities

Türkiye: Catholic Church