The ReMinEm and MiReDiaDE data and information have been collected through two sets of questionnaires concerning the rights enjoyed by RMs in the following policy areas: marriage and family, public and faith-based private schools. The first set has been sent to legal experts in the countries considered in the research.  Their responses provide a reliable, analytical, exhaustive, and in-depth picture of the rights enjoyed by RMs in each country. The second set of questionnaires, focused on the de facto implementation of these rights, was sent to the RM representatives in the same countries. Their answers give an insight into the extent to which the members of each RM feel they are being discriminated against. Each response was checked by the ReMinEm and MiReDiaDE teams to ensure that the legal experts and RM representatives correctly understood the questions and replied in a manner consistent with the responses given by the experts and representatives in the other countries.  Each response was also double-checked against each country's legal provisions and other available information. When ambiguity was found or doubts arose, the ReMinEm and MiReDiaDE teams asked the experts and representatives for additional information and, when further investigation was needed, consulted other experts. 

The replies to the legal questionnaire (and the legal experts’ comments, when some clarifications were needed) have been collected in three tables which make it possible to compare at a glance the legal provisions in force in each country.   

Based on the data and information gathered in these comparative tables and an in-depth study of other sources (see the Resources sections on the pages of this website), the final report were prepared and submitted for review by experts from various countries before being published.